Greaser Creatures

Because welds last longer than romance...

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cptspoopy asked: Hi there, :). I was wondering if you had considered doing candles with characters from American Horror Story? If so, I would be very interested. :) By the way, I love your candles!!

Thank you, I’ve been thinking about it, because I love AHS as well! If I do make them, I will definitely post about it, so keep your eyes open :)

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lucipurrrxo asked: Totally not being a creep! I saw you last night at the koffin kats show and instantly was like holy shit that girls a babe! Then I realized I follow you on tumblr :3 lol have a good night doll

Hahaha, how funny! And thank you so much! You should have come up and said hi, I would have loved to meet you! Hope you had fun :)